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The Year of Collaboration

No description

Jeffrey Peck

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of The Year of Collaboration

Invisible Assessment
The Research
with diagnostic assessment
timed tests = development of math anxiety

Our Proposal
‘invisible’ assessment i.e.
no formal assessment
a series of challenge problems
expert opinion
student initiative
Increased Math Exposure
Students want more math time!
To build culture of collaboration more time is required (Jo Boaler suggests 3 weeks)
We request 4 hours/week of math in Core Skills acknowledging this would cut into time for other activities
Core Skills Math -
A Different Approach
vs fixed mindset
Multi-dimensional/collaborative classroom model
Encourage different ways of seeing a problem
Discovery learning
Make mistakes!
Conceptual learning and compression
The Year of Collaboration

Collaborative learning (CL) is a personal philosophy, not just a classroom technique. In all situations where people come together in groups, it suggests a way of dealing with people which respects and highlights individual group members' abilities and contributions. There is a sharing of authority and acceptance of responsibility among group members for the groups actions.

The underlying premise of collaborative learning is based on consensus building through cooperation by group members.

CL practitioners apply this philosophy in the classroom, at committee meetings, with community groups, within their families and generally as a way of living with and dealing with other people.

Team with Comm
Integration of math and comm
Commit to one lesson per cohort with a comm teacher
Team teach
Mentoring Requirement
All students in Advanced Math and ACE Communications:
5 hour mentoring requirement for course completion
2 - 3 pm (or students arrange on their own schedule)
20 hours earns volunteer certificate
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