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Niels Bohr (:

Niels Bohr was born in Copenhagen, Denmark October 7, 1885 and died there as well on November 18,1962

Madison Hundley

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Niels Bohr (:

Niels Bohr (: Niels Bohr was born in
Compenhagen, Denmark
on October 7, 1885, he died there
as well on November 18, 1962. Father: Christian Bohr
Mother: Ellen Adler Bohr
Brother Harold Bohr "A physicist is just an atoms way of looking at itself." Bohr is best known for his work on the investigation
of atomic structure and radiation. In 1903 he enrolled at Copenhagen
University as a undergraduate for
Philosophy and Math. In 1911 he received is
Docorate Degree. He then studied Ernest Rutheford at the University
of Manchester in England. 1903 he published his model of atomic structure. This is a Bohr model of Chlorine
The first orbit can only hold two electrons.
The second orbit can only hold eight.
The third can hold sixteen and the last one on this model
can hold up to thirty-two.
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