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Ella Fitzgerald music presentation

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sheharyar baig

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Ella Fitzgerald music presentation

the first lady of song and jazz. Ella Fitzgerald achievements pictures Ella was born on April 25, Newport news; Virginia
Ella experienced a troubled childhood that began with her parents separating just a month after her birth, Ella and her mother moved in with Joseph DA Silva Ella's mother's boyfriend in Yonkers, new york. in 1932 Ella's mother died of a car accident, forcing Ella to move in with her aunt Virginia. these were very difficult years for Ella. childhood family In 1934 Ella's name was pulled in a weekly drawing at the Apollo and she won the opportunity to compete in ``Amateur Night``. Ella went to the theater that night planning to dance, but when the frenzied Edwards Sisters closed the main show, Ella changed her mind. "They were the dancing est sisters around," Ella said, and she felt her act would not compare. so instead she sang, She asked the band to play Hoagy Carmichael's "Judy," a song she knew well, her singing was noticed by a member from chick Webb`s band and he asked chick Webb to hire Ella and she got hired.
•On June 16, 1939, chick Webb died, which left Ella as bandleader. The group was renamed “Ella Fitzgerald and her famous band”.

Ella married Benny Kornegay, a local dockworker who had been pursuing her. Upon learning that Kornegay had a criminal history, Ella realized that the relationship was a mistake and had the marriage annulled. Ella Received 13 Grammy awards, the national medal of art and the presidential Medal of Freedom. Ella`s mother had a second child name Frances Ella`s sister in 1923, but then Joseph died of a heart attack so Frances also got taken in by aunt Virginia. Parents: William Fitzgerald, Temperance Siblings: Frances Da Silva (step sister) carrier marriage While on tour with Dizzy Gillespie's band in 1946, Ella fell in love with bassist Ray Brown. The two were married and eventually adopted a son, whom they named Ray, Jr.
Due to a busy touring schedule, Ella and Ray were often away from home, straining the bond with their son. Ultimately, Ray Jr. and Ella reconnected and mended their relationship.
Unfortunately, busy work schedules also hurt Ray and Ella's marriage. The two divorced in 1952, but remained good friends for the rest of their lives. fast facts Birth Name: Ella Fitzgerald
Nickname: “Lady Ella” and “First Lady of Song”
Birth date: April 25, 1917
Birth place: Newport News, Va.
Death date: June 15, 1996
Death place: Beverly Hills, Calif.
Parents: William Fitzgerald, Temperance Siblings: Frances Da Silva (half sister)
Married: Benny Kornegay (1939-1940), Ray Brown (1946-1952)
Children: Ray Brown, Jr.
Grandchildren: Alice Brown
First stage performance: Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater, 1934
First recording: “Love and Kisses,” Decca – 1936
First number one song: “A-Tisket, A-Tasket” – 1938
Favorite sports teams: (Los Angeles) Dodgers, Lakers

Did You Know?
As a child, Ella enjoyed playing baseball.
Ella’s favorite singers as a child were Louis Armstrong and Connee Boswell.
Ella made her first recording on June 12, 1935 with Chick Webb. It was called “Love and Kisses.
In the 1940s, Ella was known as one of the best scat singers in the world.
Throughout her career, Ella recorded at least 200 albums one of Ella`s most popular song
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