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Jocelynn's Prezi

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Castroville PC Lab

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Jocelynn's Prezi

Jocelynn's Prezi
Rome's Political Problems
France's Economical Problems
The poor people of France will get some money to be able to help some schools. This explains that, schools might have absolutely no money.
France's Social Problems
It was very difficult to get buses and cars to go to work in France. This explains that, in France almost nobody could go to work.
India's Social Problems
Most marriages in India are prearranged, which means that parents will have to choose who their daughters and sons will be married to. This explains that the parents of India are responsible for choosing who will marry who.
Rome's poor had little voice in their government, but they had little power to change anything. This explains that Rome's poor were not able to change the rules of the government.
When Rome's power was close to being complete, many problems formed at home. This explains that Rome was having a serious problem,
Rome's Social Problems
Romans brought many enslaved people from conquered lands. This explains that Rome conquered many lands and brought many slaves.
Slaves in Rome worked a lot harder and more work than normal people. This explains that slaves took up many jobs.
Rome's Economical Problems
The wealthy and powerful people of Rome ignored the poor. This explains that the poor were ignored by the powerful people.
France's Political Problems
The French government plans to make changes, they plan to show children not to watch hateful messages in videos. This explains that, the hateful messages in the videos must be very critical.
Prime Minister Manuel Valls worries that France is being divided. This explains that something awful must have divided France.
In 2005, there were large protests in the projects, and many people in France and no jobs. This explains that, the projects had many protests and there was no employment.
In France, some of the schools have their own radio channels and newspapers. This explains that the schools broadcast in radios, and write news in their newspapers.
India's Political Problems
According to the Indian Census of 2011, the population of India was exactly 1,210,193,422, which means that India has crossed it's 1-billion mark. This explains that India has overpopulation problems.
India is the 2nd most populous country in the world after china. India should pass China as the world's number one most populous country in 2025. This explains that India will get more and more people in the country.
The legal age to be married in India is 18 years and older, but many couples get married younger than 18. This explains that many couples don't care about the law in India and get married right away.
India's Economical Problems
Providing employment in India is very difficult because of the very large population. This explains that India is so overpopulated that there are not enough jobs in India.
Some Indians do not take jobs if they don't get paid enough money, or if the wages are too low. This explains that the economy in India must be too low.
This is the creator's name,
also, I hope you liked this Prezi.
The gap between the rich and the poor of Rome grew, when someone tried to stand up to the poor, conflict struck. This explains that nobody wanted to stand up to the poor in Rome.
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