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Setting and Mood

No description

Danielle Butler

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Setting and Mood

Setting and Mood
What is Setting?
Time and place the action occurs
Time: season, year, time of day, historical period

What is Mood?
The feeling or atmosphere that the writer creates for readers

There are as many moods as there are emotions
Elements that Affect Mood
Examples in Videos
Setting is.....

Mood is....

Setting and mood are related because....

Three things that affect the mood of a story are....

Description of Setting
Characters' Speech and Feelings
The writer's choice of setting and the words he or she uses to describe it can create a mood
amusement park on a sunny day
creepy house at night
Language that appeals to your five senses
Writers use imagery to affect your emotions and establish a mood
"peals of laughter" creates a cheerful mood
"the waves crashing against the shore" creates a peaceful and relaxing mood
Pay attention to what the characters say, think, or feel about the setting and conflict

-Are they scared, joyful, or depressed?
-The characters' reactions often help create a specific mood
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