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Sexual Scripts

A major educational issue facing new teachers.

Nathan Patulski

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Sexual Scripts

Sexual Scripts Perceptions in Social Interaction Savannah Here's... Johnny! Describe this woman: What comes to mind? This person: Any of these people: Why do we see such a difference? Why do we see one side more favorably? More attractive? Or not? Sexual Scripts Theory:

Cultural scenarios ... expectations.

Interpersonal scenarios ... friendships.

Intrapsychic scenarios ... desires. William Simon and John Gagnon:

Wanted explain human sexuality.

Depart from Freudian psychology and biology.

Expand upon the self. Cultural: Perceptions of what is acceptable. Interpersonal: Droit du seigneur

... or ...

Jus primae noctis Who are your peers? Sports, sports, sports... Intrapsychic: Mental desires... First relationships: was it love or was it lust? Firstly, you are the role model.
Do not judge student likes/dislikes.
Do not criticize student decisions.
Do not make snotty comments. Role of the teacher involving sexual scripts: Self Reflection Who am I? Sexual scripts forms a more permanent concept of self. Am I my beliefs or my experiences? Sexual Scripts Society expects individuals to follow a set pattern of sexuality.
Guys are supppose to be confident, and girls passive.
Guy meets girl, fall in love, marriage, then BABIES!

However, what determines this pattern? Video Discussion: What did you notice about the teacher?
Intrapsychically? Any of these can affect society's view on what kind of relationships or friendships are acceptable:
Race or ethnicity.
Language and cultural traits.
Family structure.
Media depiction of beauty.
Patriarchial or materiarchial society. Any of these can alter your society-given view on individualism and reality:
How many friends did/do you have?
What activities did/do you do with friends?
How strong were/are your friendships?
How strong were/are your family ties?
How loyal were/are you?
Who do/did you accept as friends? Any of these can influence your decisions in how you deal with socity and whom you befriend and why:
What do/did you desire?
What were/are your dreams?
What were/are your wants?
What were/are your expectations?
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