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Complete Analysis of Daraz.pk

Presentation of CAB II final project

Mufarrah Malik

on 24 December 2012

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Transcript of Complete Analysis of Daraz.pk

Finally Conclusion Introduction of Daraz: Complete Analysis of Daraz.pk It is an online retailer that provides high quality branded products that fulfills the fashion needs of Men and Women regarding clothing, footwear and accessories.
It was founded in 2012
It operates through www.Daraz.pk
It is in the industry of Apparel and Fashion
Its company size is between 51-200 employees
It contains more than 126 popular brands in its online portal including Stella, Ego, Depak parwani etc. Operational Environment IT department Organizational Environment General Environment Specific Environment Customers Political Purchase Department Finance Department Marketing and Sales Department Customer Service Department Performance and interface Requirements: Hardware
User friendly website design Purpose served by the use of EC Communication
Financial transactions
Marketing and promotion
Customer Support Daraz uses internet services to become an online retailer because it aims to provide its customers with broader selection of products in addition with a superior and hassle free buying experience Competitive Advantages: Cash on delivery
Free shipping
Free 7 days return Revenue Model Earns revenue by Selling their products through their website Security/Privacy They have appropriate technical and security measures to prevent unauthorized access to customers information. For keeping information safe they use firewalls on their servers and encrypt by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) coding. Payment System Cash on delivery
Debit/Credit card
Net Banking Marketing Strategies: Product: sells branded products in the category of clothing, footwear, jewelry and accessories of Men and Women

Price: It offers products at affordable prices and also provides discounts

Place: It brings products form different manufacturer to its online web portal and then delivers directly at the doorstep of customers.

Promotion: It promotes through advertisements on various websites SWOT Analysis Strengths:

•High security
•Feasible modes of Payment
•Offers Ubiquity to customers
•Diverse branded products in clothing category Weaknesses:

•Low profit margins
•Operates in few categories Opportunities:

•Growing E-commerce sales
•Rapid growth in internet users i.e. more customers Threats:

•Security issue
•Increase in online retailers Daraz.pk efficiently and effectively positioned itself on the top of customers mind. It provides user friendly interface, easy navigation etc through which it gained customer satisfaction. Daraz built a strong infrastructure, overcome environmental threats, used marketing mix and SWOT analysis and now flourishing and giving a tough competition to other retailers. Thank you! COMPUTER APPLICATION TO BUSINESS II Presenters:

Mufarrah Malik 665
Muhammad Asim 593 They compete with other online retailers by offering products of more than 126 brands on their portal and by providing feasible mode of payments. Daraz has many suppliers and it maintains good relationship with them so overall they have negligible supplier dependence. Public pressure groups includes new designers that offers trendy products. There is no as such political influence to Daraz. Technological innovations Nowadays there is a high integration of internet in daily life so Daraz utilized this factor by addressing the fashion needs of people through their online web portal. Income growth affects positively where as inflation negatively. Analysis of overall industry They are in Apparel and fashion industry which is very Huge and fast growing. They target Men and women of age group 18+ To deal with customers they have provided an Email address and a number for giving further information and for solving customer queries. Competitors Suppliers Public Pressure Groups Technological Sociocultural Economic Internet Services Impact and definable Market Electronic commerce technologies have a great impact on Daraz as it is purely based on it. Its definable retail market includes clothing, footwear, jewelry and accessories of Men and Women.
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