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No description

Sara Benist

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Naturalism

contains distinct characteristics:
an honest picture of the world
Social Darwinism
nature's indifference to humanity
a lack of free will
no happy endings
Another common theme is that nature doesn't miraculously help the character in the time of need.
Often, nature acts against the character.
Lack of free will
A common trait that Naturalist characters share is lack of freedom which they desire.
Social Darwinism
Honest Picture of the World
Naturalist write in a way that shows a journalist view.
A Harsher Realism
Naturalism is literature which deals with social problems and views humans as pawns for higher powers such as Fate and heredity.
Naturalism Authors
Paul Lauence Dunbar
Jack London
Stephen Crane
John Steinback
Frank Norris
Kate Chopin
George Cooper
Ambrose Bierce
Ellen Glasgow
Social Darwinism is the thought of being unable to free oneself from their class or hereditary.
Sara Benist,

Jen Peng,
Chase Cesar

Paul Dunbar

"We Wear the Mask" (Dunbar)
"In the Desert" (Crane)
"An Episode of War" (Crane)
The Call of the Wild''(London)
"The Story of an Hour" (Chopin)
"Willie has Gone to War" (Cooper)
''Advice to a Son'' (Hemingway)
"The Freeman" (Glasgow)
Nature's Indifference
No Happy Endings
The poem ''We Wear the Mask'' is a great example of honest picture because it tells you that sometimes you have to hide your true feelings.
Two examples from the story, is how people hide how they are miserable with a smile and instead of crying they sing.
The Naturalist literature often left the readers with an unhappy ending.

"The Call of the Wild" provides an excellent example the Darwinism both biologically and socially.
"Far more potent were the memories of his heredity that gave things he has never seen before a seeming familiarity; the instinct (which were but the memories of ancestors became habits) which had lapsed in later days, and still later in him, quickened and became alive again."
In the poem ''Advice to a Son'' in the end the author tells his son all of his friends are going to die.
That is not a happy ending
"The Call of the Wild" shows an excellent example of restraint and outside control.
"Whereupon he lay down sullenly and allowed the crate to be lifted into the wagon. then he, and the crate in which he was imprisoned, began a passage through many hands."
In " The Story of an Hour", Chopin contrasted the emotions of the character to nature. After receiving the news of her husband's death, she looked out the window and saw the blooming life of spring.
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