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Peggy Pompadour

No description

Mairead Murphy

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Peggy Pompadour

Who was Peggy Pompadour?
Peggy Pompadour was a black slave. Peggy had 3 children named Jupiter, Milly, and Amy. She had a husband (Mr. Pompadour) Her husband was not a slave however he worked for a man named Peter Russel. Peter Russel owned Peggy Pompadour. Peggy did NOT like being owned and knew that it was not right. She often fought and argued with Mr. Russel and would even leave for long periods of time, and Peter would have to search for her. One time he even put her in prison for a while.
Peggy Pompadour had to make soap, candles, and she had to cook for Peter Russel and his half sister Elizabeth, who lived with Peter Russel and partly owned the Pompadours. Later on in life, Peter Russel passed away which meant his half sister Elizabeth had full ownership of the four of them. Elizabeth wanted to sell the Pompadours and so she placed an ad in the newspaper.
After the ad, Peter Russel's reputation was even worse than it already was. It is unknown what happened to Peggy Pompadour and her family when Elizabeth owned them, but they are beleived to have been sold. Peggy Pompadour was just one example of enslaved africans for sale in Ontario.
Who Owned Peggy?
Peggy was owned by a rich white man named Peter Russel. Peter Russel was an executive councilor and a judge and speaker of the Legislative council, in Upper Canada. He was one of Ontario's founding fathers, a gambler and a slave owner. Technically, Peter Russel owned Peggy's children also. This is because at that time, when a slave had children they automatically became slaves also.

Peggy Pompadour

This is the advertisment from the Upper Canada Gazette. It says, TO BE SOLD, black woman named Peggy, about 40 years, and a black
boy, her son named
Jupiter, aged about 15 years, both of them property of the Subscriber. The woman is a tolerable cook and walher woman and perfectly understands making soap and candles. The boy is tall and strong of his age, and has been employed in Country Bugness but brought up principally as a house servant-They are each of them servants for life. The Price for the Woman is $150- for the boy $200, payable in three years with intrest from the day of sale and to be properly secured. But one fourth less will be taken in ready Money. PETER RUSSEL"
York, Feb 20 1806
What Happened After The Ad?
Elizabeth (Peter's Sister)
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