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Facts about Perseus

Ryan Botz

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Perseus

Son of King Acrisius of Argos King Acrisius had a daughter named Danae (very beautiful) King Acrisius went to Delphi to ask the gods if he could have a boy,the oracle said no and that his daughter would have a boy that would kill him.
Acrisius made underground bronze house and put her in it (sometimes spoken of as a tower instead) to prevent the prophecy.

Zeus visited her in a shower of gold and impregnated her with Perseus Acrisius was furious and was afraid to kill the boy in fear of wrathful gods so he put the two in a great chest and left them alone at sea.
A large wave carried the chest to land, but still they were still stuck in the chest, but Zeus allowed them to meet good fisherman Dictys who freed them and took them in.
Dictys’s ruthless brother was king Polydectes and he fell in love with Danae, but he did not want Perseus so he thought of way to get rid of him.
Polydectes announced he was getting married and for his gift from Perseus he wanted the head of a Gorgon (Medusa)
Perseus agreed if it meant that Polydectes would marry someone other than his mother
No one could tell Perseus where the 3 gorgons lived Hermes appeared to Persues – lead him to 3 Gray women with one eye to share
**other versions say he tracked down the titan Atlas who gave him directions**
When they were exchanging the eye, Perseus was to steal it and refuse to give it back until they told him how to reach the north nymphs
Hermes gave Perseus a sword to attack Medusa with that would not break
Athena gave him a mirror shield to look at Medusa with to avoid her direct glare Was led by Hermes to the unfindable land of Hyperboreans and the people there were very happy.
They welcomed Perseus and gave him winged sandals, magic wallet which changed size, and an invisibility cap
The gorgons were all asleep when he reached them : they had great wings, gold scales, snake hair
Only Medusa was able to be slain, the other two were immortal He hovered above her, looked into the shield and Athena guided his sword to cut off her head and he placed it in the wallet
Other two gorgons tried to find him but he was invisible On the way back encountered a maiden, named Andromeda, whose mother claimed to be more beautiful than the daughters of the sea god and Andromeda was offered to a sea serpent as punishment
Perseus saw her and loved her, he cut off the head of serpent and married her.
-variations include attempting to freeze it with Medusa’s head but the serpent had no eyes or repeatedly stabbing it until it died bleeding water and blood
No one was home when Perseus went back to the island, Danae and Dictys had to flee from Polydectes who was mad at Danae for not marrying him
Perseus went to the palace where the king was having a banquet with his supporters and showed them the head of medusa where they all turned to stone
*other versions have him at a banquet with Andromeda when her uncle who was supposed to marry her caused a commotion in which Perseus drew out Medusa’s head to freeze him as well as this event with the king’s court**
With the tyrant gone he found his mom and Dictys whom Perseus made king
Perseus decided to go back with Andromeda to Greece and see if his father Acrisius had softened, but he was missing Perseus entered a discus contest and when he threw it, it hit and killed his father in the crowd who was visiting the king
Perseus and Andromeda lived happy ever after
Their son Electryon was the grandfather of Hercules Some stories also say Athena immortalized Perseus in a constellation
Others say he was killed by his half brother Megapenthes for killing his father
Medusa’s head was given to Athena who bore it on Zeus’s Aegis
The End Perseus
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