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REACH Boarding

No description

Brian Murray

on 8 August 2017

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Transcript of REACH Boarding

How Do I Submit a Leave Request?
What Happens Now?
How Do I Sign Out?
Once your leave has been fully approved, you will receive an Email from REACH indicating that you are good to go.
No More Paper :)
What is REACH?
-- REACH Boarding is our
LEAVE Management System.

-- REACH will replace all paper sign out forms and will help the Advisers/Dean's Office communicate with you and your parents regarding Off-Campus
sign outs.


Depending on the Type of Leave you have requested, REACH will contact Your Parents/Advisor by Email and will ask for permission. Once they have given permission and the Dean's Office has Approved your leave, you will be notified by Email.
On Your Mobile

On Your Computer
REACH will never automatically sign you out. The system requires the student to action this event. You can SISO on your mobile device when you are ready to go.

When you return, you must log on to the
School's Wifi Network before you are able to Sign In on your mobile phone.
REACH uses SISO to allow you to check-in and out of Locations
REACH Admin App
Kiosk Screen - Check In
How to Edit a Leave Request
REACH Admin App
Student Info
To Download the New Apple App,
Go to the App Store and Search for
REACH Student App.

When do you use REACH?
Sign In/Sign Out of Campus (Every Time)
Must be on School Wifi to Sign Back In
Leave Requests
Thursday Deadline @4pm
If Deadline is missed, please see {NAME} to Submit for you
If you need to change plans while on leave, an adviser, dean or Dean of Students will need to change the plans in REACH for you…please send an email to your adviser!
You can submit a request either using the App or Browswer
REACH has a new Mobile App!
Apple iOS Available Now
Android to be released in the next few weeks.
-OR- Through your Web Browser
Step 1
Dashboards > Manage Leave Screen
Step 2
Edit Leave Request
Step 3
Update Leave Details in the Leave Form
Step 4
Submit Changes to REACH
Town Hours
How do I SISO to Town Hours?
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