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Abby Mazade

on 8 November 2017

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Transcript of Relationships

Dating and Relationships
What are the functions of dating?
What qualities characterize a serious relationship?
(cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio
Informal Group dating

-Casual activities with a group of friends and a potential partner
-to have fun

-learn about what personality traits appeal to you

-makes you aware of the demands and restrictions involved in getting along with a potential partner
Formal Pair Dating

-Intentional time spent getting to know a potential partner
Trust-a relationship built on trust is caring and responsible
Willing to have a certain amount of vulnerability (openness to pain or loss)

Must have communication to grow. The couple needs to express their beliefs

Must be able to give and take (compromise)
Intimacy-a sense of familiarity that develops over a long period of time

You accept another human being as he or she is
What is the difference between true love and infatuation?
True love involves total communication and commitment between 2 people.

They strive towards shared thoughts, feelings, attitudes, ambitions, hopes and interests
Motivates two people to help each other grow and improve.

They want each other to have the best life possible.
Love is a choice!
Infatuation-often mistaken for love.

Extreme attractions that grow quickly but may end as quickly as it began.

Could be accompanied by doubts and jealousy.

Physical attraction and involvement is the major factor of the relationship.
Signs a Relationship should end:

Conflicting Personal Priorities
Withdrawal from other friendships
Overemphasis on physical involvement
Frequent Arguments
How not to break up:
Don't tell the other person off
Do not begin dating someone else right away
Don't break off the relationship without an explanation
Do not lead the other person on
Do not take revenge by "trashing" the other person to mutual friends.
Breaking up with less pain:

Choose an appropriate place and time.

Try to remember the good times spent together.

Don't put all the blame on the other person.

Be honest about the reason for the breakup.
-sharing significant information
about yourself with another person
Not afraid to reveal idiosyncrasies
(tendencies, characteristics,
modes of expression
peculiar to an individual)
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