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Digital Storytelling In The Modern Day Classroom

No description

Amanda Torres

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling In The Modern Day Classroom

By: Amanda Torres Digital Storytelling In The Modern Day Classroom Why is Digital storytelling an important tool for students? References
How is digital storytelling
used in the classroom?
Digital storytelling is very similar to traditional storytelling in that they both are focused on an explicit topic and a particular point of view.
On the contrary, Digital stories rely on computer based tools to tell the story.
Digital stories are very appealing and engaging to students because they contain a variety of multimedia such as images, text, voice recordings, music, and video clips.
There is no specific length for Digital stories but most range between two to ten minutes long.

Source: (digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu)

So what is Digital storytelling? It is fairly easy and user friendly to create a digital story.

Teachers are able to facilitate learning, meet the needs of most students and learning styles through digital stories. Increase classroom discussion, and maximize student learning.

Students are able to take ownership and make most of their creative potential. It improves a variety of skills such as research skills, organization, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. Students can develop technology and presentation skills. Allowing students to calibrate with one another develops interpersonal skills. So What is so good about digital stories? Through digital storytelling teachers can build background knowledge, review concepts taught, pre-teach vocabulary, and assess students.

For ESL students, digital stories can be used as an accommodation in the classroom since it is both visual and students can listen to audio. Teachers can introduce new vocabulary through text and pictures in both English and the native language. Digital stories can be used as a form of communication between the teacher and the ESL student.

Digital stories allow ASD students to improve communication and social skills. It allows students to express their emotions and feelings if they are unable to do so through speaking or writing.

Source: (digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu)
The importance of digital stories and ESL/ Special needs students... Robin, B. (2011) The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling Website. Retrieved October 17, 2012, from
http://digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu/ What is Digital Storytelling? (2010) Digital Storytelling for Children with Special Needs – USC IML.` USC School of Cinematic Arts. Institute for Multimedia Literacy, Retrieved October 18, 2012. from http://iml.usc.edu/digital-storytelling-for-children-with-special-needs/
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