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TWA Flight 800

No description

Sayoko Kozuma

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of TWA Flight 800

Details of the jumbo jet •July 17th, 1996
•JFK airport to Paris, France
•230 people on board The Explosion •Exploded after 11 minutes
•thousands of pounds of kerosene ignited
•created a fireball, dumping sections of the plane into the ocean
•accident at 8:45pm •Eyewitnesses were being brought in
•reported seeing a bright “streaking” towards the jumbo jet
•pilots in the air reported seeing a bright light near the jumbo jet
•industry executives concluded TWA 800 was shot down by a missile Eyewitnesses and Possibilities Sayoko Kozuma and Meghan Eck
April 29, 2013
Ms. Serzan
Hon English 9 TWA Flight 800 The Cover-up •Incident flooded the internet
•Many theories emerged
1.victim of a terrorist attack using a Stinger man portable missile
2.sparking fuel pump in the center tank
3.someone smuggling a bomb onto the jumbo jet

1.place of explosion too high to be reached by a missile/lack of impact damage
2.cockpit switch for the fuel pump was found in the “off” position The government's story •Government’s cover-up story of the explosion:
1.the center fuel tank exploded and destroyed the nose off of the jumbo jet
2.Flight 800 continued to ascend until it exploded into a fireball
•Problems with this theory:
1.any eyewitnesses mistook the ascend of the jet as a missile
2.two videos the government provided did not match up with each other
3.calculation showed that Flight 800 executing a long stable climb is impossible Navy's Behavior •Navy searched out 20 miles to either side of the known debris field
•impossible that the jumbo jet could have crashed 20 miles from its altitude
•Navy admitted that there were three submarines near the night of incident
•Us Navy Master Chief on USS Trepang admits Navy shot down TWA 800
•retracted his story because of concerns over his Navy pension The End •Theories had flaws
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