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How to become sociable on ScratchEd

No description

Ashley L

on 2 August 2010

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Transcript of How to become sociable on ScratchEd

7 quick ways to connect with community members
Allow other members to contact you privately by turning on the messaging option find other members who share interests with you.

update your profile keywords to help other members find you
Pin yourself on the member map & let other people in your area connect with you

Find other members near you Leave comments on other members' profile pages
6. Send & receive messages 2. Use profile keywords 4. Explore the map 7. Subscribe How to become sociable on ScratchEd in 7 minutes sociable 5. Say hi, leave comments
bio keywords map
comments msgs subscription Bookmark and follow other members 3. Use bookmarks 1. Introduce yourself Share your bio Go to My Profile > Edit > Member Go to My Profile > Edit > Member > Keywords To bookmark another member, go to the member's profile page and click on the Bookmark button To pin your location on the map,go to My Profile > Edit > Account update or or click To leave a comment for another member, go to her profile page, and click on "Add a Comment" To enable private messages, go to My Profie > Edit > Account check Note: Your email address will not be made public Note: You can also bookmark stories,resources, and discussion topics click To subscribe, go to the member's profile page, and click on the "Subscribe button" Note: You can also subscribe to stories, resources, and discussion topics Subscribe & receive updates when a member's profile page changes
click here for more info scratched.media.mit.edu click for more info
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