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novel year-end-project

No description

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of novel year-end-project

Presented by: Syamil Sofiah Husin, Nadia AthirahJamaludin how adaptation of fiction makes literature a part of pop culture?? - Pride and Prejudice(2005 film) Pride and Prejudice(P&P) is a British film adaptation directed by Joe Wright
based on Jane Austen’s novel of the same name.
Produced by Working Title Films in association with Studio Canal.
The film was released on 16 September 2005 in the United Kingdom and Ireland and 11 November in the United States.
Screenwriter Deborah Moggach spent over two years adapting Pride and Prejudice for film. Realising it held "a perfect three act structure”(Spunberg, 2011) , Moggach attempted to be as faithful to the original novel as possible, calling it "so beautifully shaped as a story – the ultimate romance about two people who think they hate each other but who are really passionately in love.
With relatively inexpensive budget of $28 millions, P&P earned at the box office a worldwide gross of approximately $121 million Let's watch the trailer! Summary of the movie The novel centers on the Bennet family, consisting of the bookish Mr Bennet, his wife and primarily concerned with her family's fortunes and anxious to marry of her five daughters.

The story follows the main character , Elizabeth Bennet ,a 20 years old intelligent, lively, attractive and witty lady but with a tendency to judge on first impression (the "prejudice" of the title) and in the story it’s the case with Mr Darcy whose aloof decorum and rectitude are seen by many as an excessive pride.

She charges him with destroying Jane's happiness, treating Mr Wickham disgracefully, and having conducted himself towards her in an arrogant, ungentleman-like manner. As she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, morality, education, and marriage, later in the story, they both overcome their judgements' and surrender to love they have for each other. J.A’ Pride and Prejudice in pop culture Reality meeting fiction In “The Sense of an Ending”, Julian Barnes writes:
“ This was another of our fears ; that life wouldn’t turn to be like literature.”

Continuous reading and indulging in literature sometimes intrigues people wondering of living like what literature tells us-predominantly happens to women.
Novel Pride and Prejudice (1813) gives the same affection hence the need of emergence of cultural product tackles the reality meeting with fiction.

“Lost in Austen” – a story of a modern London girl, Amanda Price who is a keen fan of J.A’s novel, to discover a secret portal in her flat that brings her to enter the world of J.A’s Pride and Prejudice. This happens whilst she wonders why her boyfriend does not bear any resemblance to her favourite novel heroes. Representation of romance in motion picture The movie is the manifestation of motion picture describing what romantic love looks like when it is covered in real life and not in words.
“ Romantic is not merely about sexual intercourse but, the story that matter”.
The presentation of romance genre in the movie is commercially attractive enough to make people looks for the literature piece. Accompanied by: Zur Hanis Hamim, Shedda Fariha, Farhana Azahar, Nur Zaffan Pride and Prejudice (2005movie) trailer thank you (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Factors that assist in making film adaptations popular -Films are generally easier to digest
-Films require less time and less dedication to reach “The End”
-The aesthetics of cinematography appeals to the senses whereas books may require more use of the imagination Film Adaptations and Book Sales Book sales can both increase and remain unaffected by film adaptations

Books that have undergone increase in sales due to their film counterparts:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows & The Twilight Saga

Reasons for decrease in sales of books

The film adaptation was directed by a well-renowned director. How the Film Adaptation Helps Keep Pride and Prejudice in Pop Culture The film leads to the reigniting and creation of a trend
The success of the film will generate a potentially beneficial goldmine
Other parties will want to jump onto the bandwagon
This gives birth to a series of adaptations come one after another,
keeping Pride and Prejudice a part of pop culture for a longer amount of time How is the society affected? People view love in a different way – how it is bloomed between two extraordinary people of different social status.
Portrays the society back then – during the early 19th century hence having the people today comparing the two distinct cultures. -Films are generally easier to digest .The aesthetics of cinematography appeals to the senses whereas books may require more use of the imagination
-Pride and Prejudice has been established well in most people as a work of literature.
The film merely gives people a nudge to revisit the original work of literature
-Over the years, it becomes a “Classic” (humourously defined as “books you talk about
but never read”)
The film’s success will reignite a trend to read good literature again, if not for leisure,
but to get more details that have been omitted in the movie
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