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Rescue Robot - Snake

No description

Brendan McKee

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Rescue Robot - Snake

Snake Robots
Robot Task
The snake robot would be used when in a rescue situation when it would be too small or dangerous for a human to be in. It would be able to get video/audio from a victim relayed to rescuers.
The snake robot has many undulated links that give it many degrees of freedom. The snake would be able to move in almost any direction.
Degrees of Freedom
The end effector feeds audio and video back to rescuers who would otherwise have no way of receiving information.

The snake movement is programed and controlled during deployment.
Advantages vs. Disadvantages
May be difficult to navigate...

Slow moving

Only Auido/Video
Navigate through small places

Can enter dangerous places
Relays basic information to rescuers that otherwise is unknown
The Snake Robot seems to have a bright future where updates of movement over terrain and the end effector can be made multifunctional.
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