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Teen Mom Prejudice

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on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Teen Mom Prejudice

Teen Mom Prejudice
Thoughts within our buidling
We asked students within our own classroom a few teachers around the building a few questions regarding their input on teen pregnancys.
Interview Elyse Alden at Florence Crittenton Services
Florence Crittenton services is a school in Denver for teen moms.
Teen Moms
Prejudicie in Social Media
Teen moms often face prejudice becasue of their age.
People think they cannot be fit mothers or obtain a good future.
People often voice this prejudice through social media.
Question #1.
Do you frown upon teenage pregnancy?
Question #1.
Have you had a student who was pregnant?
Teen moms are often frowned upon for irresponsibilty.
People lack sympathy for these teenagers.
Our goal:
examine how prejudice against teen moms takes place in our society
interview someone who has first hand spent time with teen moms in order to raise awareness and spread facts about the reality of teen moms.
Take Action:
820,000 teens become pregnant each year in the US.
34% of teenagers have at least one pregnancy before they turn 20.
1/3 of teenage mothers complete high school and receive their diplomas (bullying plays big factor)
In Colorado:
Number of Teen Pregnancies
2010: 8,790 (though it is decling)
Teen Birth Rate in 2012: ranks #19 out of 50
Teen Pregnancy Rate: ranks #24 out of 50 states (1 is best, 50 is worst)

Teen Mom video:
Question #2.
Do you think that teen moms can still be successful?
Question #3.
Do you think that teen moms should drop out of high school?
Question #4.
If you had a pregnant friend in highschool, would you still socialize with them?
Question #5.
If you were a teen parent would you drop out of high school?
Question #2.
Do you frown upon teen pregnancy?
Question #3.
Do you think that schools support/assist pregnant teens?
Question #4.
Do you think that teens can be successful parents?
Question #5.
Do you think that teen dealing with school and raising a child can still be successful?


How did the girls you worked with experience prejudice?
prejudice starts from home for the girls
judged for having sex too young and keeping their baby
a girl's mom once told her she would never graduate. her mom looked at her in disgust during her pregnancy.
Although her boyfriend supported her the prejudice from home hit the hardest.
The worst memory was at parties when her mom would make her sit down, or wait in the car because she was embarrassed of her.
Prejudice is seen all over when people are too quick to judge, but the worse is at home.

What were some of the girls personal accomplishments outside of their pregnancy?
Getting through high school and going beyond.
One teen used to get ds and fs, but her new sense of dedication has lead to bs and as. She even wants to go to college. Most of all it is about being a good mom.
What are some false assumptions of teen moms?
People think they are bad moms and are too young to have a child.

What do you wish people knew about teen moms?
They have more responsibility so do not be so quick to judge put yourself in their position.

How has this experience changed your life personally?
It is exciting to empower girls to be better parents, and provide for their children.

Imagine seeing a pregnant teenage girl on the streets. Have you ever thoght to yourself...
Wow, how old is she?
What does her family think of this?
Is she a good student?
Does she live in poverty?
Does she drink or take drugs?
Is she a single mom?
Unfortunately, nearly everyone in this room has thought or possibly even said something along these lines regarding teen moms. It is crucial that we stop the prejudice!
Educating people on this issue is one way of taking action.
Knowing the false stereyotypes will help end them.
"Teen Pregnancy Statistics - Teen Pregnancy." Teen Pregnancy Statistics - Teen Pregnancy. Teen Help, 2014. Web. 05 Dec. 2014.
Elyse Alden from Florence Crittenton Services
"Prejudice Against Teen Moms? Think Again." Teen Ink. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Dec. 2014.
"Ramblings of a Young Mama: Teen Mom Stereotypes." Ramblings of a Young Mama: Teen Mom Stereotypes. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Dec. 2014.
We want you to know that...
Teen moms are usually more dedicated to achieving good grades in school, and want to get a good education in order to provide for their child.
When girls drop out of school for this reason, they are often spening more time trying to raise their baby.
Though it is more challenging, teen moms can be very successful mothers and adults.
Having friends and family who are willing to support them raise a child is very beneficial.
Not all teen moms are as crazy as MTV makes them out to be...
Before you judge someone...
Make sure that you put yourself into their shoes
Do your research!
Consider how your actions might effect other people.

Social Media...

By: Ashlely Atencio, Maddie Burns, Megan Mondragon, Bella Freitik.
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