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What Was Red China?

No description

Jack Young

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of What Was Red China?

Mao's Beginnings
Mao was disgraced in school as a child and teen and never found success until he found Communism.

His hatred of teachers and learning would lead to some of his greatest attrocities
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The Red Guards
A group of young students from Tsinghua University Middle School in favor of the Cultural Revolution.

They carried out Mao's wishes for change
What Was Red China?
unist-controlled China controlled by
the Comm
unist Party of China from 1927 to 19
49 during

the Re
publican era and the Chinese Civil W
ar with the Na
tionalist China.
Mao's Marchs

Mao carried out purges of communists, including many young people who joined the communists out of dedication to helping the people.

Once they saw what Mao’s communism was like, they tried to escape. When caught they were usually executed by being buried alive.

Red China and Mao Zedong
Who Was the Leader
Mao Zedong
The Terrors of Mao
Upon assuming office as absolute ruler over all of China, Mao immediately set to work exacting revenge against the disgraces of his earlier life - teachers and other intellectuals being at the top of his list.
Mao's Personal Life
"Mao was a man who had no friends," Dr. Li said.
In Conclusion
Mao was one of the worst people to ever live

Red China effected the world more than anyone can ever imagine.
Mao was a Chinese communist leader and founder of the People's Republic of China. He was responsible for the disastrous policies of the 'Great Leap Forward' and the 'Cultural Revolution'.
Mao Zedong killed 70+ million people over the course of four years. Many of these people were killed by starvation or were worked and beaten to death. Many of those who died were Chinese peasants.
But the greatest loss of life under Mao came during the next period 1958-1962 under the perverse name "Great Leap Forward" in which Mao - convinced of his own academic brilliance- forced insane, untested work and farming practices upon the Chinese people causing the deaths of up to 72 millions of innocent peasants - making Mao the single greatest mass murderer in human history.
"Manipulative egotist incapable of human feeling who surrounded himself with sycophants and refused even to be treated for a sexually transmitted disease, though he knew he was spreading it to the numerous young women who shared his bed."
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