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Garret Mulder and Kurt Rodriguez

No description

lib hist

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Garret Mulder and Kurt Rodriguez

Background Info:
Born: 24 June 1898, Chicago Ill.
What he did to earn the medal: While in battle, Kelly ran about 100 yards ahead of his fellow soldiers fire and went to take out an enemy machine gun nest. He killed one with a grenade, and one with a pistol. He came out of the bunker with 8 prisoners. He received the medal in 1919.
John Joseph Kelly
Garrett Mulder and Kurt Rodriguez
Kelly showed sacrifice by not hesitating in his decision and just went for it, not knowing what the end result would be.
Kelly showed honor by running ahead of his soldiers fire to take out the machine gun and help his friends advance farther because they didn't have to worry about getting shot by it.
Backround Info;
D.O.B: April 22nd 1946 in Palestine Texas
He Entered the Air Force at Lafayette, Louisiana
Place/Date of Instance: Quang Tri, Republic Of Vietnam June 29th, 1972
He was in the United States Air Force and was a Pilot
Division: Pacific Air Force

Steven L. Bennett
by giving up his life to help a friendly squad knowing he would most likely loose his life. When over the Gulf of Tonkin a missle hit his left engine and the aircraft was going down. With one parachute the captain willingly gave up his parachute to the observer and died for his country.
He shows Sacrafice...
when he went to help a friendly squad and enemy troops were attacking. When he requested tactical support it was denied he still help out his fellow soilders.
He shows patriotism...
he shows honor by taking the initiative to help his soilders and give up his life just to help and support his country. Doing this results to honor.
He shows Honor...
Kelly showed patriotism by enlisting in one of the toughest and most difficult sections of the military, the Marine Corps.
Kelly showed valor by running into the bunker for the benefit of his fellow marines and for his country.
He shows he is a true Valor by...
going to help those squads with no help shows Valor. Giving up his parachute to the observer shows Valor. Even enrolling himself into the Air Force shows he is a true Valor
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