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Journeys Lesson 10

No description

eric pyman

on 24 August 2016

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Transcript of Journeys Lesson 10

Journeys Unit 2: Lesson 10

Day 1: Vocabulary and Fact and Opinion

A very large number, or more than a thousand thousands.
The act of making a decision when faced with two or more options.
To float along on water
or air.
easy, not complicated
to cover by winding or
to cause a sick or a bad feeling
to make up one's mind
What would you do with a million dollars?
If you had a choice, what would you do for your next project?
Have you ever seen anything drifting on water or in the air?
Do you think grade 6 math will be simple?
having little or no power, strength, or energy.
Who is weaker, the Hulk or Thor?
Can you think of something that you can wrap around yourself?
What type of food do you find disgusting?
Have you decided what you want to be when you grow up?
Target Skill:
Fact and Opinion
A fact is something that can be proven true.
An opinion is what someone thinks, feels or believes.
- Pizza is a type of food.
- Cheongwon is in Nowon.
- We are in grade 2.
- Jeju was made by a volcano.
Binky's Fact and Opinions Game
- Pizza is delicious.
- Cheongwon is the best school.
- Grade two students are the
- Everyone should visist Jeju.
Click on the link below to play the fact and opinion game.
Journeys Unit 2: Lesson 10

Day 2: Preview the Topic and Jellies the Life of Jellyfish
Have you ever been to the ocean?
Do you know how many oceans there are?
Let's do a word web on the board together.
Have you learned anything about the ocean in any books or from watching TV?
There are 5 oceans!
What is strange about how
jellyfish move around?
They can only move up or
down. They can't move side
to side on their own.
What is the main topic of the paragraphs on pages 342-343?
The main topic is why jellyfish sting. We know this because all the sentences are about why and how jellyfish sting.
In what ways are upside-down jellyfish
like greenhouses and grocery stores?
They use sunlight to grow plants like a greenhouse and they are full of food like a grocery store.
What is an opinion in the paragraph on page 347?
Jellyfish look disgusting when they wash up on the beach is an opinion.
Why isn't the Portuguese man-of-war a real
It is not a jellyfish because it has an air-filled
bubble instead of a water-filled bell.

On this page the author compares jellyfish to
something else. What does she compare
them to?
She compares jellyfish to basketballs.
How does this comparison help you to imagine
West Coast sea nettles?
It helps me to imagine how big they are because I know how big basketballs are.
Why do you think this jellyfish is called the Arctic
lion's mane?
It looks like a lion's mane!
Based on the information on this page, what is the author's opinion about jellyfish?
She thinks they are amazing and special. She says you would be lucky to see them and that they are unforgettable.
Journeys Unit 2: Lesson 10

Day 3: Fact and Opinion, Author's Purpose and Guided Summary
Jellyfish sting.
Jellyfish are shaped like
The Portuguese man-of-war
is not a jellyfish.
Jellyfish are protein and
Jellyfish are slimy and
disgusting when they wash
up on the beach.
In the sea, jellyfish are
Someday you might be
very lucky and see an
ocean full of jellyfish.
Let's make
our own fact
and opinion jellyfish!!
Author's Purpose
What is author's purpose?
an author's purpose is the reason he or she is writing
author's have 3 main reasons why they write
you can think PIE to help you remember
When an author persuades he or she is trying to convince you of something.
P stands for Persuade
what is the author trying to persuade you to think in the video?
I is for Inform
When the author informs, he or she tries to give you information or teach you something.
what information was the author trying to teach about in this clip?
E is for Entertain
When an author entertains he or she wants to give you something you can enjoy.
what was entertaining about the video?
Easy as PIE
Journeys Unit 2: Lesson 10

Day 4: Your Turn, Splash Photography and Grammar
Yesterday, they picked up rocks.
Tomorrow, the students will stay home.
The girl is playing soccer now.
They packed up their bag last night.
I will go to math academy tonight.
Journeys Unit 2: Lesson 10

Day 5: Writing Instructions
Peanut Butter and Jelly Squares

Peanut butter and jelly squares are yummy
and easy to make! You will need two slices of bread, peanut butter, two kinds of jelly, a knife, a spoon, and a plate. First, have an adult cut each slice of bread into four squares. Spread the peanut butter on four of the squares. Second, spread one kind of jelly on two squares. Spread the other kind on the last two squares. Spread the other kind on the last two squares. Third, place the jelly squares jelly side down onto the peanut butter squares. Then place them on a plate. Now you have four yummy squares to eat!
Now you try!
Be sure to include what you need, steps in the correct order, time order words and an ending.
First, make a brainstorming list in your journal.
Next, list the steps.
Finally, write instructions on how to do something.
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