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Intro to Typography!

No description

Rachael Burriss

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of Intro to Typography!

The Art of Type
Intro to Typography!
>Typography is the design and use of typefaces as a means of communication.
>It is thought that the true beginning of typography began with the invention of the letter press, but typography has handwritten text or calligraphy in its roots as well.

What is Typography??
A Typeface is:
A family of fonts
like the bold, light, italic, and regular forms of the same font.
A Font is:
The weight and style of one font
within the family.
Elements of Typography
Sometimes called "font families", they represent a large grouping of one type of typeface based on generic classifications.
Sans Serif
Advertisers are constantly looking for ways to increase the influential power of their ads.
Advertisers are encouraged to match their advertising’s visuals, language, tone, and everything else with the motivation and understanding of the audience.

Typography is a very important element of word-driven advertising, such as in the print media and the internet.
It has a significant potential to influence motivation and ability of an advertising message. Advertisers often fail to realize the impact that the typography of a message can have on the consuming audience.
The Importance of
Typography can produce a feeling and have a meaning!
Believe It or Not...
What kind of font would to use for a resume?
a birthday card?
a movie poster?
>Typography uses the idea of Figure & Ground in which the letters and the space around the letters form words.
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