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Interview with a Vampire

No description

Elise Saunders

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Interview with a Vampire

Drink From me and live forever... Interview with a Vampire Elise Saunders The Book: The Plot : Director - Neil Jordan

- Louis de Point Du lac (Brad Pitt)
-Daniel Malloy (Christian Slater)
-Lestat de lioncourt (Tom cruise)
- Claudia ( A very young Kirsten Dunst)
-Armand - (Antonio Banderas) The movie : Trailer Interview with a vampire initially is set in 1970's america as an interviewer who is only known as 'the boy' listens to a vampire tell his life story.

The movie then spirals into the story of the vampire whose name is louis.

The story starts in 1791 as louis is a young and very depressed louisina plantation owner ready to die. This is where he is discovered by a vampire, Lestat. This vampire is dark, deadly and in need of a companion. After saying his last goodbyes to the sun and exchanging blood with lesat, louis is given 'the dark gift' and therfore turned into a vampire himself.

Under lestats watchful eye, Louis learns the rights and wrongs of a vampire and discovers that he struggles with the morality of his undead lifestyle. Louis's plantation slaves increasingly grow suspicious of the two companions and mob his home, forcing the two to flee to New orleans. One night while in New Orleans, Louis stumbles upon a dead women cursed by the plague and her orphaned daughter Claudia. Unable to resist louis feeds on her, although he managed to stop himself before killing her, realising what he does he flees while lestat is thrilled that louis is finally acting like a vampire and not feeding off animals.

Lestat brings Claudia home and turns her into a vampire, adopts her as his own and treats her like a doll and a pupil. Louis grows to deeply love the young claudia as well.
Claudia emotionally and mentally struggles with the prospect that she will never age from her tiny child like body she grows bitter and blames lestat, murdering him and then fleeing with louis.

Louis and claudia then travel around western europe, trying to find more vampires like themselves. Louis and claudia then travel around western europe, trying to find more vampires like themselves. unsuccessful they finally travel to Paris as a last hope. This is where they discover a coven of vampires willing to teach louis about there kind. Louis has a deep connection with the leader of the coven to which Claudia dislikes and immediatly asks Louis to give her a mother. This arrangement is short lived and the two are killed by the coven of vampires who were warned by lestat who is still alive that they attempted to murder him. Louis escapes and takes revenge on their deaths by killing the entire coven, except for the leader Armand who helped save him.

The two then travel around europe until, still mourning the death of his last companion Claudia,. Louis returns to New orleans to which the movie travels back to the interview room where louis tells 'the boy' that he still experiences great sorrow.

Despite the emotional depth of louis's story, the boy ignores it and begs to become a vampire. Furious, louis bites him but does not kill him. and the novel ends with 'the boy' heading out in search of Lestat and the prospect of immortality. FIN. The movie is very similar although it has some minor differences for instance
Some characters were canned like Lestats dad and the family that lived in a neighbouring plantation.
In the book Louis greives his brother, in the movie its his wife and child.
Theres a shorter transition time between human to vampire in the movie whereas in the book it occurs in a longer period of time.
The movie skipped a lot of the legs of Claudia and Louis travelling until they finally got to Paris.
The ending had the biggest change, in the movie lestat did not show up at the end and order other vampires to hunt claudia and her new mother. Louis did not run off with Armand because he knew Differences:
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