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The West Region Natural Resources

No description

Morgan W

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of The West Region Natural Resources

Natural Resources:
This Presentation will Inform You On 3 Of The West Region's Natural Resources. The West Region West Region Natural Resources Natural Resources Explanation On Coal States
Washington By:Morgan Walcott -Precious Metals
-Natural Gas Coal is 1 of the natural resources in the west region.
Coal impacts everyone by...
Fuels trains.
Creates electricity.
Is used to make gasoline. Natural Resources Explanation On Precious Metals Precious metals are very hard to find as you can see on the map on slide 3.
Precious metals include diamonds, gold, silver,etc.
They are used in rings,necklaces,bracelets and other accessories. Natural Resources Explanation On Natural Gas Natural gas is used for a lot of things such as...
Being used to heat water.
Light street lamps.
It is also a fossil fuel. Impact Natural Resources Have On The West Region Natural resources allow the west region's economy to grow.
They are used everyday in someway and help people everywhere in one way or another.
Thank you for watching and listening!
The End! :)
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