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The More We Communicate, The Less We Really Say...

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Vyktoria Hostetler

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of The More We Communicate, The Less We Really Say...

Phone Call

The more we communicate, the less we really say...
When you think of communication, what methods first come to your mind?
Texting is the most frequently used form of communication among Americans younger than 50. Texting drops off significantly after age 50, and is used infrequently among those aged 65 and older.
Some methods of communication you may have forgotten about...
When you think of communication, what methods come to mind?
The New era of communication
By: Vyktoria Duinker
Face to face conversation
Body language
Up to 90% percent of communication
is nonverbal.
When we communicate face-to-face, we hear each other’s words and tone of voice; we’re aware of whether the other person speaks haltingly or not; we see their facial expressions and nonverbal bodily cues, and we notice whether they’re looking us in the eye or avoiding our gaze. When we move to the various forms of electronic communication, we always lose some of these features.
Facial expressions
Tone of voice
Body cues
Eye contact


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