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Compare and Contrast

No description

Laura Crothers

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast

AUTHOR: Mary Hoffman Genre: Fiction-PLAY Compare And Contrast/
Drawing Conclusions Grace and the Time Machine
By Mary Hoffman Characters Grace Kester

Ava (Grace's Mother) Raj

Nana (Grace's Grandmother) Aimee

Mrs. Myerson

Maria A play has all the elements of a story-characters, setting, plot, and theme- but it doesn’t look like a story because it’s written to be performed. As we read, think about how this play might be different as a chapter in a book. The story we will read, is a Play which is based off of one of Mary Hoffman's books "Starring Grace." Compare and Contrast Miss Crothers Grace college student elementary student girls created an invention like to spend
time with and listen to stories from our grandma Grandma has a cast
on her ankle Grandma has no
cast on her ankle creative black hair brown hair Drawing Conclusions Authors don't always explain everything that happens in a story.

We have to use CLUES from the story to draw conclusions about what we read.

When you draw conclusions, you use details and what you already know to form opinions or make decisions about characters and events. Drawing Conclusions Activity Your group will be getting a character from the story. You will need to draw conclusions about where you think your character's favorite place to visit in the time machine was and WHAT CLUES tell you this. Think About It! How did Mrs. Myerson's imaginary trip affect her present life? How did Grace show she was capable
of taking care of Nana? What were some of the other inventions Grace and her friends thought of? How were the trips to Gambia and Trindad alike? Time Travel
Drawing Conclusions 1) Describe a time and place that you will visit in your own time machine. Give clues about the time and place but do not say where it is that you are.

2)Read your description to your group member who will try to guess where and when you traveled. Is it a FACT? Germany was the best place
they traveled in their time
machine. The kids helped Mrs. Myerson by bringing her back to a time in her life
that still scared her.
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