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Introdução ao R

No description

Ariel Levy

on 12 September 2015

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Transcript of Introdução ao R

Introdução ao R
UFF- 2015
Ariel Levy

Why R?
R is free!
Graphics capabilities.
Interactive data analysis and exploration
R runs on Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X
And much more...
Example of Graphics Capabilies
Obtaining and installing R
R is freely available
http:// cran.r-project.org
command prompt (>)
source file
Getting started
data types
vectors, matrices, factors, lists and data frames
Functionality is provided through built-in and user-created functions
Basic functions are available by default
Packages can be attached to a current session.
Statements consist of functions and assignments. R
x <- rnorm(5)
Comments are preceded by the # symbol
Example 1.1
To get a sense of what R can do graphically, enter demo(graphics)at the command prompt.
Other demonstrations include demo(Hershey), demo(persp), and demo(image). To see a complete list of demonstrations, enter demo().
Getting help
The Workspace
R working environment
objects (vectors, matrices, functions, data frames, or lists)
R session
Commands are entered interactively at the R user prompt
To scroll use up and down arrow keys
Current working directory -
Set the current working directory -
Example 1.1
Introdução ao R
UFF-PPGAD - 2015
Ariel Levy
Working in R
Lessons from R
Data analys is very diferent from system programming
People will put up with a lot to get their work done
People will use a familiar tool over a better tool if all feasible
Language Features
Dynamically typed
Fist class functions, closures
Objects (2 ways)
Vector oriented
Pass by value
Everything is nullable (2 ways)
Common Steps
The workspace
Moving on
Try it
R became the pattern so forth
KOBAKOF, R. I., R in Action, Manning Shelter Island, 2011
EVERITT, B.; HOTHORN,T; An Introduction to Applied Multivariate Analysis with R
The R Language The Good The Bad And The Ugly - John Cook - youtube
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