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University Honors

No description

Deanne Elliot

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of University Honors

The mission of University Honors is to provide education and co-curricular opportunities that maximize the learning experience of high achieving students, enabling them to engage in innovative research or capstone projects.
University Honors Mission and Pillars
Honors Engaged Faculty
Honors Staff
Interim Director: Aaron Bushong

Honors Counselors:
Jane Kim
Latoya Ambrose
Lourdes Maldonado
Mayra Jones
Honors is for You!
University Honors
Accomplish your own research!
Built-in mentoring from peers, staff, and faculty
Get the most out of being an undergraduate
Become a member of and participate in a community that shares your values
Faculty Director: Dr. Richard Cardullo - Biology

Dr. Vorris Nunley - English (FIR)

Dr. Robert Parker - Sociology (FIR)

Dr. Ward Beyermann - Physics

Dr. Connie Nugent - Cell Biology and Neuroscience

Dr. Sean Jasso - Business

Dr. Deborah Wong- Music

Dr. Guillerno Aguilar - Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Sharon Walker - Environmental Engineering
Creativity and Innovation
Culture of Contribution
Celebration of Diversity and Global Citizenship
Capstone Project bound and housed in UCR library
Journal publication opportunities
Recognition at graduation
Faculty engagement
Peer mentorship
Prestigious scholarship support
Eligibility for Honors-only scholarships:
Academic Excellence Scholarship (Up to $1,500 award)
Enrichment Scholarship for On-Campus Activities (Up to $1,500 award)
Experiential Learning Scholarship for Off-Campus Activities (Up to $1,500 award)
Honors Residential Scholarship (Up to $900 award)
Student Leadership Scholarship (Up to $1,500 per award)
Second Year
Theme: Research
Exploration of leadership opportunities and research
Engaging in experiential learning and studying civic engagement

Fall: HNPG 2A: Community Engagement (2 units)
Optional: HNPG 2B/2C: Research in the Community (2 units)
Winter: HNPG 150: Research Across the Disciplines (2 units)
8 units of Honors Electives
World Politics
Ethics & Meaning of Life
General Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
First-Year Calculus
Introduction to Race and Ethnicity
Cultural Anthropology
Past Honors Electives
Theme: Thesis Preparation
Exploration of thesis or capstone topic
Involvement in undergraduate research
Preparation for applying for prestigious honors, fellowships, and awards

Spring: HNPG 151: Individual Project Research (2 units)

For those entering as third year students:
Winter: HNPG 150: Research Across the Disciplines (2 units)
Third Year
Qualifications and Application
Personalized email invitations will be sent with the link to the application to eligible students with a cumulative 3.5 grade point average (including Winter grades)
Applications will be open from April 7 to May 1, 2015
Program is selective and availability is based on cohort
Second Year Applications are open to invited First Years
Third Year Applications are open to invited Second Years
with a Letter of Recommendation from Faculty Member

**All applications require a response to an essay prompt and a brief explanation of your leadership history**
Phone: (951) 827-5323

Facebook: University Honors at UC Riverside
Instagram: @ucrhonors
Check out the Honors Community!
Unique co-curricular, social and service activities
Honors lounge, printing, and laptop checkout
Media & Communications
Thank you for coming!
Honors notation and thesis title on transcript
Professional Development
Leadership Opportunity
Public Speaking
Inter-personal Skills
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