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Ruchi Patel

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Santosh

Santosh One day a wealthy man throws a bag full of 99 rupees in a poor mans hut. Before the poor man's family got the 99 rupees, they devoted their life to family and god. However after they got the money they thought that if they saved one more rupee, then they could get a complete 100 rupees. So they started working very hard to save that one rupee. After they managed to save that one rupees, they thought that they should earn 100 rupees each year. This disrupted their family peace and left them with no time for their daily prayers. If we lose the ability to remain content with our situation, we too (like the poor man) can be devoured by greed and a constant craving for more - sometimes even more than we can handle. Lesson "Collect grains and then worship God. By pretending your final aim will not be reached. One may have money, but at death it will be left behind and will not be of any use. Earn as much as you really need and worship God. If one has a lot, then it will be used up without discrimination and still desires for material pleasures will remain unfulfilled."
~Swami ni Vaat (English), Chapter 25, Vaat 24 Swami Ni Vaat "Khaali aavyaa, khalli jaashu, saathe shu laavyaa, lai jaashu" Sankhya Vichar THE END !!! "The attributes of the Sant-being free of lust, avarice, egotism, taste, attachment, etc. - are also described in the shastras. The Sant who possesses these attributes has a direct relationship with God."
Vachanamrut Gadhada 111-27 Vairagya Kushalkuvarba -
She was a devotee of the royal class and the queen of Dharampur. When she saw Shriji Maharaj for the first time, she immediately bowed down to him and said, "Everything I have is yours. Please stay here forever." She was the queen but she was willing to give up everything she owned for Shriji Maharaj Atma - Realization In 2001, there was this destructive earthquake that shook India by horrifically damaging lives and livelihoods of many villages. One of these villages was Bhuj. After this earthquake, many BAPS volunteers and sadhus were helping those who were effected. During this time there was this one haribhakta that came everyday. When a sadhu asked him about him and his family, he said that he lived in a flat with his wife and child. When his flat collapsed due to the earthquake, his wife and child got stuck underneath. His child died instantaneously, but his wife was in critical condition. He told her to pray and think of only Maharaj and Swami instead of him. Because he wanted his wife's last thoughts to be about Maharaj and Swami, he left her. Soon she passed away. Swamishri Prapti no Kef "...the darshan of such a true Bhakta of God is equivalent to the darshan of God Himself. He is so great that his darshan alone can redeem countless wretched jivas."
Vachnamrut Gadhada 1-37 Swamishri once arrived in a town called Karel very late at night. As Swamishri was getting ready for bed one of the Sadhus noticed dirt on Swamishri's blanket. He began to clean it and all Swamishri said was "Our body is made of dust as well." One day at approximately 1:00 AM, Swamishri arrived in at Akshar Purshottam Chhatralay in Vidyanagar. When Swamishri arrived a few students were still reading late at night.One student offered to wake the parshads up to fix the sleeping arrangements for Swamishri. However, Swamishri declined and said that he would sleep on the floor we come on this Earth empty-handed, and we will depart from this Earth empty-handed; none of our possessions are going to come with us, Dada Khachar -
He was another devotee whose vairagya and love for Maharaj persuaded him to stay at his home for 30 years. He and his family surrendered everything they owned to Maharaj and lived their lives serving Maharaj and his devotees.
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