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media evaluation

No description

michael kershaw

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of media evaluation

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? SD video camcorder Tape video camcorder Tripod
Photoshop Elements
Adobe premiere Microphone
I found this was the most time efficent
method of filming as it was simply press
record, film your footage then take out
the memory card plug it into a card reader
and the footage was straight onto the
computer and ready to use.

On the otherhand, this camera was not
as good as the quality of the image was'nt
as high resolution as tape camcorder, plus
it only had an internal microphone and
nowhere to plug in an external one, so the
sound quality wasn't as good

This video camera had an excellent resolution and a good sound quality as we used an external microphone, this helped when recording the monolouge at the start of the sequence.
It was not as time efficent as the SD camcorder as it came with a tape and the footage had to be captured everytime we had filmed something new as a grooup we found this a problem as it was quite time consuming and with deadlines it was essential to waste as little time as possible. I found the tripod was the best piece of equiptment to make the sequence look professional and stable. the software adobe premiere was the editing programme we used, i found this was very efficent as it was reasonably easy to understand and the area.s i most struggled as cheif editor were adding the credits i had previously done on adobe photoshop as they didn't always fit where they needed to go. Audacity was the music editing software we used for producing the music for the sequence, the first few times i used it i found it difficult to use but afterwards but once i had got used to it i found it very helpful to tie in the music with the right timings, and the monolouge at the start. we originally recorded our monlouge on the internal microphone on the camcorder but the sound quality was not what we wanted as there was too much background noise present so we decided to record it on an external monolouge which recorded straight on to the computer. There was a significant improvement in sound qualityfor using the extewrnal microphone The only thing i used adobe photoshop for was a few opening credits and the film title i found this an easy softward to use with many posibilities to make them suit the sequence as well as they could. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? • How does your media product represent particular social groups?
• What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
• Who would be the audience for your media product?
How did you attract/address your audience? Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? we strictly followed conventions of an opening sequence to make our our sequence seem like any other. Firstly we chose settings and locations to fit the atmosphere right,for example,
a quiet bar was the perfect location for underage teenagers to get drunk The costumes we used were easy enough as we wanted to make the female characters look young, and like they were trying too hard, so for them, we dressed them as if they were going out themselves, but also quite 'seductivly.' The male characters, we asked to dress however they liked as we wanted them to look comfortable, and not like they felt too bothered about where they were. The title font and style was done to look child like as the film in full would be about a girl having a child the struggle around it. I feel we set the story up well in the opening sequence as we based the whole film around the main event in the opening few minutes. the opening few minutes of our film suggests the genre, teenage indie drama by:
introducing young modern looking characters
Using no big stunts or high production value effects
Making everything about the sequence seem as 'now' as possible We named our production company ‘background films’ as we wanted to highlight it wasn’t to a mass audience and was for a niche audience, by being in the ‘back’ Similar production companies are, working title films, a smaller UK production company owned by Universal, and Film4 who is now owned by Virgin Media. I think if Background Films was a real company it would be on par mainly with Film4 productions as they tend to be the more arty, niche targeted films. If our film was to be made in reality I feel it may be funded by companies such as the UK film council, Optimum Releasing, EM Media or Screen Yorkshire. As these are all smaller companies most of the time four or five different ‘funders’ will be involved mostly from the UK but sometimes across Europe and maybe further. Normally, the smaller UK films have a set of more dedicated viewers unlike the bigger blockbusters where there being so much choice viewers will view trailers and choose what to watch on first impressions. As this is the case it would be more important when producing the opening credits to tell people the producer and directors over the lead cast as a large majority of the time people will recognise their names over the actors. For example the film This Is England an award winning British independent film had no big name actors but a well known UK director to the viewers of that kind of film, Shane Meadows. Institutionally, our film is similar to the smaller independent films like Looking for Eric, This is England, and The boat that Rocked. The audience for this media product would definetly be more of a minority. Much like the film this is england and Happy-go-lucky the target audience will be alot more alternative, the music fanatics, highly into their rock, indie and alternative. The ones who don't shop highstreet and search the vintage fairs and charity shops. I can imagine this film would appeal to a more to a female audience but male also. Not big TV fans, these viewers are social networkers, spending their time 'facebooking' and 'tweeting.'
Weekends for these viewers consist of going into town and sitting in starbucks and reading the newest twilight book or going to see a little unsigned bands gigs that one of their mates are 'groupies' of, or maybe on a sunnyday sitting in the park and having a picnic
On their rare visits to the cinema, they don't go to the multiplex they go to the small pictures houses and independent cinemas to see a film like this. As our sequence was targeted to a younger audience the fact that all the characters featured were all young helped us attract audience as relating to someone the same age is easy, it almost lets us put ourselves in the characters shoes, or even feel inclusive and like they are like our friend. Another thing that helped us attract audience was the music we used, we made sure we used all music that had come out in the last few years, and were songs a younger teenage audience would know. Finally, i feel the story line of the sequence is a key factor in attracting the audience as it is something we can relate to. AS Media Studies Evaluation... Since the preliminary sequence, i feel i have learnt alot, including, Firstly, a variety of shots, compared to the preliminary sequence where only medium shots, close ups and over the shoulder shots were used we expanded on this and were able to shoot at various angles, perspectives distances. Next, i learnt alot about editing and music, as there wasnt much to do on the preliminary study and used no music where this main sequence had alot of editing to do and music to fit .
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