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We Generali

Erdős Mihály

Generali Biztosító

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of We Generali

Mihály Erdős
Chairman and CEO, Hungary
Welcome to Hungary anytime!
Ongoing key business topics
GDP Annual Real Growth Rate
CEE premiums per capita - 2013 EUR
Macroeconomic indicators
in Hungary
Market Overview
Generali Group Hungary
GWP: 372 mEUR
Profit after tax: 20,4 mEUR
ROE: 25,38 %

Ranking in the market: 2
Established: 1989 (1832)
Generali HU's share: 61%
GWP: 8,39 mEUR
Profit after tax: 1,32 mEUR

Ranking in the market: 25
Established: 1997 (1907)
Generali HU's share: 100%
GWP: 16,95 mEUR
Profit after tax: 2,78 mEUR

Ranking in the market: 22
Established: 2007
Change of market share based on weighted premium income (Generali Group)
Generali balanced portfolio mix 2000-2014
Multi-channel approach
Best channel for each client segments
Client loyalty

27 320
First position after 25 years of reentering the market

pieces/ 2014
Modernization of sales technology helps the choice navigation of the agent

REAL TIME claim settlement
SmileHunter Program
CSR and volunteering initiative
On Facebook and in Real Life

Share an experience, spreading the message nationwide.
An occasion to praise and reward the employees, who greatly over accomplished the expectations.

Results of the 2014 NPS survey
Business objective of the Generali Klub is to reward most valuable loyal customers and thus strengthen retention and promote additional purchases with the company.
Loyalty program
Day of the Values
Tenure group proportions of our 748 000 retail clients

61% of our retail clients have been with us for more than 5 years, 333 000 of them single contractuals
Tenure group proportions of our 110 000 corporate clients

47% of our corporate clients have been with us for more than 5 years, 33 000 of them single contractuals


Population: 9,9 m
GDP/capita: 10 200 EUR
Increasing long term profitability of Generali by identifying and retaining customers with high value, improving cross-selling efficiency and supporting distribution network management.
700 user
2 000 analyses done

3 months
Customer Value
Our Values
our successes
GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity
Distribution of Generali retail customers by Customer Value 2014Q3

Source: portfolio.hu
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