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TCAP Review 2

7th Geography Part 2

Marjorie Sudberry

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of TCAP Review 2

TCAP Review PART 2 5. What are the 3 grand divisions of Tennessee? 6. What are the major natural resources for....
West Tennessee? Middle Tennessee? East Tennessee? clay
sand and gravel zinc
rock and limestone coal deposits
zinc 7. List characteristics of rural, suburban, urban? Rural large and isolated areas
open country
low population density Suburban may be the residential areas of a city, or separate residential communities within commuting distance of a city.
lower population density than inner city neighborhoods.

Urban inner city surrounding area
high population density 8. What does a geographer look at to define a region geographically? areas physical features
culture traits
population 9. How do the following physical features effect the Earth's surface? Erosion moves sediment from one location to another
can wear away or build up landforms Earthquakes sudden, violent movements of tectonic plates Volcanoes tectonic plates seperate and change the Earth's surface Wind Currents moves warm or cold air across the earth's surface
effects the weather Water Currents moves warm or cold water across the earth Plate Tectonics dozens or so slow moving plates of the Earth's crust
as they move they change the Earth's surface Weathering breaks down rock into smaller pieces Global warming increase in the earth's average atmospheric temperature
changes in climate deforestation clearing of forest land Desert little rainfall, little to no plants Urbanization to make more industrialized and make urban
migration into cities
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