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New Heritage Doll Company

No description

Tommy Harza

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of New Heritage Doll Company

New Heritage Doll Company
Capital Budgeting
The Background
Emily Harris the vice president of New Heritage Doll Company's production manager, had to recommend one of her projects over the others.
Her main objective is to:
"strengthen the division's innovative product lines and drive future growth"

By 2009 New Heritage had:
450 Employees
$245 million of revenue
$27 million of operating profit
New Heritage dolls
Approach to
capital budgeting
The Project Proposals
The Capital Budgeting
The Conclusion
The Relevant Information
The Proposals
The Relevant Information
The Capital Budgeting
Analysis of Sensitivity
Erick F.
P. Nandi W.S.
Sri Junita I.
Tommy H.
Roy S.
Design Your Own Doll
Match My Doll Clothing
Line Expansion
We can extract the information through:
Net Present Value
Internal Rate of Revenue
Payback Period
Match My Doll Clothing Line Expansion
Design Your Own Doll
We choose the project with the following consideration:
High NPV, High IRR, Short payback period
Cash in the selected project should be maximized from capital rationing computation above.
NPV of the project should implemented as well as the money investment in the selected project

Therefore we choose Project A; Match Your Own Dolls

Expanding matching doll and child's clothing and accessories
Creating customizable "one of the kind" doll features through
pre-purchase-proprietary design software
That's all of the Presentation, Thank You Very Much!

Your comments and Questions are always welcome
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