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Princess Anna's Winter Safety tips

No description

Jordan Root

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Princess Anna's Winter Safety tips

Princess Anna's Winter Safety tips
Tip No.1
More Winter Saftey Tips
If power goes out in an bad snowtorm, make sure u have batteries for flashlights, or lanterns.
Make sure u install an smoke or carbon monoxide detector in your home.
If power lines are down, contact your local utility and emergency sercvices.
Plain ahead to prevent last minute rushing
Stay inside designated walkways
Use handrails
Don't text and walk at the same time
Take slow, short steps
Assume all wet, dark areas on pavement such as Black Ice
Practice Defensive Walking
Tip No. 4
Driveway tips
Make sure snowblower is fueled up if snow piles up driveway
Make sure your car is ready for winter travel.
Make a winter emergency kit to keep in the car.
Keep gas tank full to avoid ice in tank and fuel lines.

When walking in deep snow use snowshoes or boots
Dress Properly- see tip NO.1
When outside if fingers or toes start to get numb go inside and warm up.
Don't walk or skate on ponds
Tip No.2
Make sure u have tool supples like an shovel or a bag of salt if u get stuck in the snow.
Enjoy the video of snow weather!
Wear warm clothes for outside: winter hat, scarves,mittens, earmuffs, winter coat, warm shoes or boots, snow pants.
Tip No. 3
Dress Properly
Avoid Frostbite and Hypothermia
Tip No.5
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