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Entertainment in the Elizabethan Era

Theter Class Prezi

Alexa Kipfer

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Entertainment in the Elizabethan Era

By: Ellie, Heather and Alexa Entertainment in the Elizabethen Era Beginnings Elizabethan entertainment was extremely important
to people who live during this time. The mortality rate was
high due to frequent outbreaks of the Bubonic Plague (black death) and life expectation was low. The entertainment was popular with different sports, games and other activities
when something big was to be celebrated! Types of Entertainment Feasts- A large, elaborately prepared meal, usually
for many persons and often accompanied by court
entertainment. Often celebrated religious festivals.

Banquets- A dinner honoring particular guests.

Fairs- The Annual Summer Fair was often a bawdy affair.

Plays- in town squares followed by the actors using the
court yard of taverns or inns followed by the first theaters
introduced finally to indoor theaters (playhouses).

Dancing- upper class, royalty and nobility enjoyed dancing.

Jousts/tournaments- a series of matches between knights.

Hunting- followed by the nobility, often using dogs.

Hawking- followed by the nobility with hawks. Entertainers Jesters- a fool or buffoon at courts
Mummers- a dancer with masks or costumed usallay
at festivles
Minstrels- traveling musicians of legends
Troubadours- traveling musicians of courtly love
Acting Troupes- traveling actors
Jugglers- tricks, deception, or fraud
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