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Invader Zim

I LOVE this show!!!!

Nepkat Kuwata

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Invader Zim

Invader Zim A totally awesome show on nicktoons. Zim Zim is an Irken. He was sent to Earth on a fake mission. He ruined Operation Impending Doom 1 and was banished. But, when he learned about Operation Impending Doom 2, he quit being banished. Zim's disguise is just a wig and lens. Nicktoons is channel 143. Gir Gir is Zim's "evil" robot. Gir is really funny and random. He was supposed to be a SIR unit, but the Tallest didn't like Zim. So, they created Gir out of stuff found in the trash and things that were found in the Tallest pocket at the time. Gir's disguise is a green dog. Dib Dib is just an ordinary boy. He is really the only one, besides Zim and Gir, that knows Zim is an alien. Gaz Gaz is Dib's creepy sister. She doesn't really care about what is going on. Gaz is like the smartest character on the show. Tak Tak is an Irken like Zim. She wants to take Zim's "mission" for her own. She named her SIR unit Mimi and her disguise is way better than Zim's. Red and Purple Tallest The Tallest are referred to as the Almighty Tallest. Basically they are taller than all the other Irkens. They move around on hover devices. Gir Zim Zim Tak Gir Gir Zim Red Tallest Purple Tallest My favorite character is Zim.
Who is your favorite character?
Please comment to tell me. Zim Gir Red Tallest Ms. Bitters Dib
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