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ICT, CAD and CAM in Textiles

A revision aid for GCSE Textiles Technology

Katie Green

on 21 May 2012

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Transcript of ICT, CAD and CAM in Textiles


Learning Objective:
You will learn about all the different ways in which ICT/CAD/CAM can be used in industry to design, make and sell Textiles products

Success Criteria:
All of you will be able to identify the key concepts and be able to successfully answer exam style questions
Most of you will be able to see links between school and industry
A few of you will be able to additionally make links to other aspects of theory recently covered in lessons.
Mobile phones and other hand held devices have transformed the way we live and work. How could they be useful in industry? How could they be useful for the consumer?
Technology is getting faster and smaller all the time. Consider- how does this mean industry has changed in the last few years? What will industry be like in a few years time?
A lot of industrial processes are controlled by computers. Can you think of any processes still done by hand?
More and more designs are now created using CAD and modeled in CAD so you can see all dimensions. Can you think of any examples where the consumer is in control of this?
QR codes:
How could they be used by manufacturers?
The internet has revolutionised the way designers can access and communicate their work. Cloud computing is the new trend: How can designers make use of this? What are the benefits?
USB connection: What do you know?
With technology comes a lot of jargon and symbols. What do you know already about these?
How has technology opened up a truely global marketplace?
Uses of ICT
Word processor
Spread sheets
CAD software
Media Player
Digital camera
Sewing machine
Mobile phone
Save time/money
Problem solve
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