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liz rodriguez

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of china#2

China Historically most of china's people have crowded with in Eastern china's geographic reason.
The dynasty is one of the several chains of Rulers with the same ancestry that governed china over 3000 years.
In 1949 Chinese communist gave china the name the People’s Republic.
Rice is China’s chief agricultural product
The spring festival is the most widely celebrated festival in china
The liberal use Soy Sauce causes typical Chinese diet to be high in sodium.
Bean curd is a common Chinese ingredient is a gelatinous, cream colored cake made from soybeans.
Wok is a Chinese cooking bowl*
Stir-frying is cooking over high heat and with little fat, and is a common way Chinese cook a lot of their food.
Peking duck is a common dish in china; roasted thin pancake like rolled in scallions and hoisin sauce.
A steamer is a cooking basket with openings and is really shallow. Ginger root is a very important seasoning in Chinese cooking.* Lo Mein is a type of noodle made from flour and eggs and resembles spaghetti.
Sweet and sour pork is a popular dish which is a mixture of deep-fried pork cubes, pineapple, and veggies, served in sweet and sour sauce.
Egg foo yung is a Chinese version of an omelet*
Congee is a thick porridge made from rice or barley is often served for breakfast.
Dim sum is steamed dumplings filled with meat fish veggies.

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