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Abe Jacob

The god father of sound

rj anglin

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Abe Jacob

Abe Jacob By RJ Anglin
Advanced Tech Theatre About Mr. Jacob He is known as the "godfather" of contemporary theatre sound design. He started his career mixing sounds for stars such as Jimi Hendrix, The Mamas and Papas, and Peter, Paul, and Mary, and he also designed the sound system of the Monterey Pop Festival. He virtually created the sound designer position. And he still actively designs. School He attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Style Big Sound- not loud, not distorted, but a powerful aural experience that empowered not just rock and roll theatre on Broadway but also subsequent eras of the director/ choreographer and the megamusical. Why I enjoy his designs. I enjoy his style because he makes sure every seat in the theatre hears what the sound is like at its source.
I also enjoy his style because he was the first. He pioneered sound designing. Credit Hair
Jesus Christ Superstar
Much Ado About Nothing
Rachel Lily Rosenbloom and don't you ever forget it!
Mark and Mable
The Rocky Horror Show
Doctor Jazz Credit continued Chicago
A Chorus Line
Rock-a-bye Hamlet
The Act
A Broadway Musical
Zoot Suit Credit continued The Madwoman of Central Park West
Your Arms are Too Short to Box with Guy
Broadway Follies
Woman of the Year
Little Johnny Joe
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Leader of the pack
Big Deal Credit Continued Raggedy Anne
Les Miserables
Late Nite Comic
Black and Blue
The Flowering Peach
The Gershwins Fascinating Rhythm
Rain EMAIL Hello,
I was curious as to whether you could help me get in touch with your creative consultant Abe Jacob for a project I am doing in my theatre class.
Thank you,
RJ Anglin HER REPLY Hello,
I have forwarded your email to Abe Jacob.
Ellen I am currently waiting for his reply ABE JACOB
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