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Steve Jobs

No description

Emily Treadwell

on 18 August 2016

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Transcript of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was considered a "visionary tech". Widely Jobs is known for his contributions to technology for Apple. Those close to Jobs said "he has been able to mix business savvy and design sensibility, by making his technology something that is really cool and seen as being very appealing to own." He is most memorable for products such as the iPhone, and iPad. Jobs was not only able to shape the process of how technology should be made throughout the world, but he was able to leave a lasting mark on business transactions, and customer dealings.

Throughout Jobs' career he faced many "highs", and "lows" as one might say. His career with Apple was not set in stone, and on his technology journey he even left Apple to turn to other jobs. Once Jobs left Apple we could see a plummet in Apple's products, and upon Steve Jobs' return to the corportation, Apple's technology value increased, as did consumer demands for products made by Jobs. Jobs had a nag for the technology scene from a young age. Seeing the consistency in Jobs search to further expand technology is quite inspiring. Jobs' life teaches that with perserverance, dreams can come true.

Steve Jobs was born on February 24th, 1955 in San Francisco, California. Jobs was adopted at birth in San Francisco, where he had great opportunities to work on electronics. Jobs briefly attended Reed College in 1972, where he then dropped out. After dropping out of college, Jobs took a job as a technician, where he learned valuable skills. Working as a technician inspired Jobs to further his skills in the technology area. Jobs ethnicity is German.
Steve Jobs acted as the roadmap for all of Apple. He met with some of the top executives of Apple, weekly, in order to review and resolve any, and all of Apple's issues.
Jobs saw potential in some of the most basic technology, which later morphed into the Macintosh. Jobs stuck by the product as it was in its early stages, until finally he introduced the product at the sharesholders meeting, with nothing but joy in his face.
Steve Jobs
By: Emily Treadwell
Steve Jobs' Contributions
T.ake the first step


Works Cited
H.arness your vision
Jobs envisioned technology that would affect everyones day to day life. Steve was able to follow through with this vision by the production of technology such as iPad's.
U.nderestimate the roadblocks
Steve Jobs was able to help Apple hire an experienced CEO, John Sculley. Despite Jobs efforts to get Sculley hired, Sculley fired Jobs from Apple years later. Jobs watched as Sculley brought Apple to an all time low.
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