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Lauren Hagey Introduction


Lauren Hagey

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Lauren Hagey Introduction

Lauren Hagey Welcome to my Prezi! My name is Lauren Hagey and I am the Media Specialist as GIVE Center West, an alternative school in Gwinnett County. We use a lot of technology at my school to help at-risk students. I am an alum of Gwinnett County Schools and love working close to where I grew up. I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2008 with two Bachelors degrees in Advertising and Sociology. I completed my Masters degree in Instructional Technology from Georgia Southern in December 2011. I have worked with children since I was in middle school, tutoring or working at the YMCA. I was the oldest child in my family and I used to always play "school" and "library" with my brother and sister. I have always had a love for reading, starting with the American Girls series. My love for technology, its uses, and the creative aspects of it have intrigued me since High School. With my Advertising background, I have an appreciation for making things that may seem mundane interesting and bringing ideas to life. I do this every day with students, teachers and the curriculum. Bringing technology into lessons and training students to become responsible digital citizens is what has interested me in the Instructional Technology programs at Georgia Southern. In my free time I love reading, doing arts and crafts (or anything creative), watching movies, playing with my dog, watching football, and spending time with my family and friends. With my Specialist degree in Instructional Technology, I plan to further my knowledge in how to use technology to enhance lessons and be able to help my teachers. One of my main goals as a Media Specialist is to educate students and teachers on how to be responsible and resourceful in an increasingly technology-heavy society. Instructional Technology to me is educating the learning environment on the uses of technology. They should be taught how to use technology efficiently and how to find the resources they need in different situations. Technology can be used to research, present, or as a tool to obtain an end result. The learning community should learn how to be responsible digital citizens; how to protect their personal information, respect others' ideas and information, and not to abuse privileges. Those that specialize in Instructional Technology should remain up-to-date on trends and keep their learning environment current.
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