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No description

Chelcey Robbins

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of career

Technology used in this job:
A couple programs used are Ako.com, Outlook, and Military.com Purpose of the company:
The purpose is to train, teach coarses, provide freedom
to our nation, and to secure our nation. Where will this company be in 15 years?
This company will be providing the same mission,
giving medical and dental care. What are some employability skills needed
for the job?
Some of them are Professionalism, customer service, teamwork, problem- solving, communication, planning, postive additude, and Computer literate What is the average salary/ educatiion needed.
You need a High School Diploma in order to get into the army. The average salary is 3,000 a month to 5,500. It depens on what rank you are. Skills needed for this job:
You need to know how to use
the computer and have experience of the army. Would u pursue a career for this company?
No, i wouldn't. What was the best thing there?
I got to meet some peopel that my mom works with and I also helped her with her work. I punched holes in the papers and then put them in a binder. WHAT WAS THE WORST THING THERE?
My mom was on the computer the whole time
and then she was just filing papers. Chelcey Robbins
Career shadowing
4th period
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