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Media And Publicity Cell

No description

Asmita Gupta

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Media And Publicity Cell

blog and MAgaZINE OUR WEBSITE thank you :) Public participation is essential for the success of any event. That’s where Media and Publicity comes into play!
By attracting people via mails and press releases, we make sure that every event of E-Cell is a grand success !

we act as a link between students and E-Cell by keeping them updated about happenings in E-Cell and make them feel associated is our vital responsibility.

For making giant strides in the world of entrepreneurship, its necessary to have a wide network of people and organizations. We facilitate this by reaching out to partners and associates, both national and international through brochures, our website as well as periodic newsletters. NEWSLETTER REACHING OUT WEBSITE E-CELL IITK vision WHAT WE DO MEDIA AND PUBLICITY CELL PRESS RELEASE/ BROCHURES My task, which I am trying to achieve is by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel—it is, before all, to make you see. JOSEPH CONRAD The Media and Publicity Cell plays an important role in reaching out to the youth community and instigating the reluctant potential leaders in them and training them in the required skills to be an entrepreneur. We do this by pulling ahead E-Cell than the rest of the hobby groups, by launching our own website, newsletter, blog and magazine which furnishes E-Cell with a cynosure point. The Media and Publicity unit is a concise unit comprising of two supervisors working alongside a skilled set of young writers to excogitate over the content and produce a refined output. Blog MAGAZINE WHAT WE BELIEVE The websites helps us reach out to the professional world and create links with VCs, Angel Investors, Alumni, Incubators for the young entrepreneurial minds! The website is the face of E-Cell in the world of web! It completely elucidates E-Cell! With exhaustive information on every sub-unit, events, activities and our elite associates. Unlike traditional newsletters, we aim at presenting information in an appealing fashion, by amalgamating the right amount of formalism with light and innovative designs that make one want to read it, without compromising with the quality and spirit of entrepreneurship! our newsletter The first newsletter, ‘Accendo’ was launched last year throughout the campus and was highly successful in creating awareness among the residents about the activities of E-Cell. We believe that motivation is an important factor for success. Right words inspire right deeds, and hence, we bring to you great words from great people that help you listen to that voice inside you and take an entrepreneurial plunge! The newsletter successfully served as a link between students and E-Cell, thereby enlightening them about various activities like TEDx, Boot-camp, LEM etc. as well as opportunities like SIPP, DPP provided at the E-Cell. brochures We aim to start a blog AND a magazine that will contain articles and other updates related to innovation and entrepreneurship, our insights starred by some famous personalities and experienced people. “We don’t just believe in making people read about entrepreneurship, we want them to live it. We want them to experience the same joy, same thrill, same excitement that an entrepreneur feels” We aim to create an Informal interaction platform for all the entrepreneurial minds – a place where they can discuss, develop and nurture their idea to become a potential start-up.
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