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LVIP Org Plan

Organization and Expansion of LVIP Program

al shilling

on 11 January 2012

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Transcript of LVIP Org Plan

Student to teacher ratio= 30-1
Full Time Teachers for core subject areas
Supplemental Instructors for elective subjects
Unique/low enrollment subjects defer to FLVS Estimate Instructional & Support Staffing Needs
Review Enrollment & FTE reporting processes
Discuss other administrative & Instructional Processes
Establish Timeline for staffing
Discuss Budget Targets
Determine Responsibilities http://lvip.leeschools.net Guidance Counselor/Activities Coordinator
Clerk, receptionist/registrar
Technology Support Timeline
Instructional/Staffing Units
Jobs posted
Hiring process
Administrative Organization
General Staff Orientation
Teacher Training Assumed: BSA~$3500/student & Grades 6-12
Franchise Cost:
6 Courses/Student @$50/.5 credit=$600/year
$2900/student net
Teacher cost c. $60,000/year
20.7 Students = 1 teacher
103 Students = 5 teachers
47 Existing students (6-11)
12 Applications as of 4.23.10 for SY10-11

Teachers Required:
Full Time-
Language Arts/English
Social Studies/History

Part Time
Electives Grades K-5
No tangible $$ gain?
Franchise or internal program for 2011-2012 using Calvert or similar program Other Administrative & Instructional Processes Instructional Staffing Needs: Virtual Process & Issue Discussion
April 28,2010 Enrollment & FTE Reporting Currently manual process
SILK Pinnacle Integration?
Closer adherence to deadlines and SI mgmt Enrollment
ESE/Dual Enrollment/Part time
Discipline related LVIP Budget Plan 2010-2011 Objectives Support Staffing Needs:
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