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Ancient India

This is a project assigned by our teacher about ancient India. Prezi created by Andre Miranda and Andrea Sandoval.

Andre Miranda

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Ancient India

Ancient India
Advances in Science
Advances in Medicine
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The Indian's thought that numbers were more important then geometry. The Gupta people invented the idea and the symbol for zero. Zero was originally a dot but later it became a small circle. They created the numerical symbols 1 through 9. Aryabhata was one of the first scientists known to have used algebra. Aryabhata was also the first scientist to provide an approximate value for pi (π). Indian mathematics have explained infinity without an end. The Indians invented the decimal system, square root, and cube root.
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Gupta doctors could set broken bones and do minor surgery. A doctor named Shushruta repaired damaged noses in an early type of plastic surgery. Indian doctors treated dental problems using tools such as the bow drill. Indian doctors were skilled in making medical instruments, such as needles. They believed in healing the causes of the disease, not just treating the disease itself. Ayurveda is a science of medicine ayur means age or life and veda means knowledge. Ayur and veda are two Sanskrit words.
The Indian's came up with the idea of atoms. Indian scientists proposed the theory that the Earth was round and revolved around the sun.
They mapped the movement of the planets and stars. They continued to develop the calculation of occurrences of eclipses, determination of Earth's circumference, and determining the sun was a star. They worked with the theory of gravitation. They tried to determine the number of planets under our solar system.
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These are some herbs used for healing from India
Healing Herb Picture Cite:
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This is Aryabhata who is the Indian scientist that figured out that the planets and Earth revolved around the sun. He also had ideas on eclipses, he figured out moonlight was caused by sunlight, and he was the first scientist to provide an approximate value for pi (π).
Aryahbhatta Picture:
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Ancient India was a very advanced civilization. We will talk about its many advances in science and medicine. We will also talk about its infamous mathematical discoveries, too.
Ancient India Picture Cite:
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This is a example of ancient India mathematics. They were very advanced in Arithmetic and Algebra.
Funny Picture Cite:
N.d. Photograph. n.p. Web. 13 Dec 2013. <.....(Continued)
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