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About me

No description

Malena Levinson

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of About me

About me
Worst Fear
Favorite candy
Favorite color
Favorite sport
I love Soccer
My hero is my grandpa because even though he had heart problems he still did all these cool things, and he didn't hold back, and he did everything he could for me, but died befor my 5th birthday
favorite animal
I would have to say dolphins and guinea pigs would be my favorite animals because I have always loved dolphins and I have had four guinea pigs, Bones, Both, Maggie, And Woody who just recently died of old age.
Good At
I am good at gymnastics, I did gymnastics for 6 years and i had to quit because of my knees but I was at level 8
Disney Character
I think I would be Marada from brave because I can shoot a bow an arrow and I don't really want boys try and impress me and I am very
unproper and I am unique in my very own way
favorite Ice Cream
My favorite ice cream is rainbow sherburt I Love Love Love!!! rainbow sherburt
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