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Travel Plans

No description

Nathan Ng

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Travel Plans

Denmark...here we come! This is Denmark! It's a country north of Germany and is surrounded by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. It has a land area of 43,098 km squared. Its population is 5,580,413 after the census Jan 2012. The capital is Copenhagen which houses 1/5 of the population. By: Amelia and Nathan Our travel plans are to travel by plane to Copenhagen, Denmark from Toronto, Canada in midsummer. From Toronto, we will depart at 8:55 PM on the 30th of June and then arrive in Copenhagen at 12:55 PM on July 1st. The tickets cost a total of $4147. The return flight will be from Copenhagen to Toronto on July 14th at 7:20 AM and arrive at Toronto at 6:55 PM. These tickets cost a total of $4147. Both these flights are first class. The Copenhagen airport is located at Lufthavnsboulevarden 62770 Kastrup, Denmark. Toronto Summer Copenhagen Summer Cities we will be travelling to: Copenhagen of course, Aarhus, Lolland, Bornholm, Odense, Hjoerring and Aalborg From there, we will be taking a taxi to Adina Apartment Hotels Copenhagen. It has a sauna, spa... ...heated indoor pool, gym... ...restaurant on site and... ...catering for as long as you're staying Copenhagen Attractions The statue was created in 1909 by Carl Jacobsen, the son of the founder of Carlsberg. This is Nyhavn. It is an old port located in Copenhagen. This is Strøget. Its the longest pedestrian shopping area in Europe. Welcome to the Round tower. It was built in the 17th century designed by Christian IV This is Tivoli Gardens. It's the second most popular seasonal theme park in the world. Let me introduce you to Bakken, known as the oldest operating amusment park to date. It was opened in 1583. Travelling Arhus Atractions This is the Arhus Art Museum Featuring the 'Your Rainbow Panarama' (Shown Here) This is the Aarhus Cathedral, the main religious edifice of Aarhus This is Aarhus University, Denmark's largest university. This is Lindholm Hoje, a viking burial site, complete with a museum.It is the biggest one in Scandinavia. Hjorring Here in Hjoerring, a small town in Denmark, it is a perfect place to .... go horseback riding! Saga Heste Danish Cuisine flæskesteg (roast pork with crackling) kogt torsk (poached cod) with mustard sauce and trimmings. Denmark is known for its Carlsberg and Tuborg beers. Copenhagen restaurant Noma, named the world's best restaurant by The Restaurant Magazine. The open sandwiches, known as smørrebrød The language used there is Danish: Hi, do you know where Hjorring is? = Hej, ved du, hvor Hjørring er? Can I order a pizza? =Kan jeg bestille en pizza? Do you speak English? = Taler du engelsk? Thank you.= Tak Please. =Behage Are there any vacancies tonight? = Er der nogen ledige stillinger i aften? Where is the bus station? = Hvor er bus station? Where is the bathroom?= Hvor er toilettet? Sorry. =Undskyld Excuse me. =undskyld mig
1651.96 = 300 CAD

So we need about 1660 Danish Crones for souvenirs Money souvenirs to buy: In conclusion, Denmark was a place with wonderful cuisines, many historic locations and classic sights. Bibliography http://denmark.dk/en/society/history/ http://www.visitdenmark.com/en-us/east-jutland/art/jutland-lively-cities-cultural-highlights-and-wide-open-nature http://www.google.ca/search?num=10&hl=en&safe=active&biw=1024&bih=541&q=dkk%20to%20can&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=iw&ei=GUbsUMXbOoSp2gWNvYHwAw http://www.visitaarhus.com/ln-int/denmark/sights-and-attractions-in-aarhus http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g189513-d2241780-Reviews-Hammershus-Bornholm.html http://www.visitdenmark.com/en-us/danmark/the-round-tower-gdk410741 THANKS FOR WATCHING The Little Mermaid Here is a picture of us in Copenhagen :)
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