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National Park Service Act of 1916

describes the national park service act of 1916

Jordan Taylor

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of National Park Service Act of 1916

By: Jordan Taylor National Park Service Act Yosemite National Park was the first
national park controlled by the National Park Service, growing to contain over 50 national parks across the country in the early 2000s. In 1933, Franklin Roosevelt signed executive order 6166 which made the National Park Service the
sole controller of federally owned land such as monuments, parks, and battlefields. The National Park Service Organic Act created the National Park Service which monitors and maintains areas designated as National Parks. The Service was created in 1916 when the US Government put the act into law. Reorganization The Hetch-Hetchey court case involved people from California asking the government to let them use the Hetch-Hetchey valley as a reservoir for a dam to provide water to residents. The government continually denied them the many times they asked, but eventually they gave in and Hetch-Hetchey valley was flooded. Even today people are working to get the dam taken down and restore the area as a nature preserve. The National Park Organic Act was initially pushed for because people wanted to preserve natural monuments from urban development so that everyone could enjoy them. After much negotiation congress voted on the act and it won, making many areas protected from human exploitation and setting up a management service in the national parks.
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