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Worthing in 1960 and 2015

No description

Paige Shadbolt

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Worthing in 1960 and 2015

Worthing has changed miraculously over the years...
The area around Worthing has been populated for at least 6,000 years and contains Britains greatest concentration of stone age flint mines. These are some of the earliest mines in Europe.
Bird Man
Seaweed in the sixties- you used to be able to eat seaweed from the sea but due to increasing pollution that is no longer possible.
Worthing in 1960 and 2015
Bird Man Has been a much loved attractions in Worthing for over 40 years. bird man was first discovered in 1971 in a seaside town called Selsey.
In 1960 there was 4 of the 3 cinemas we have today- The Connaught, The Dome and the Pavilion as well as the odeon that was knocked down in 1986
Nothing would ever be the same again, the 1960's was the period of time which changed everything. The sixties decade was the most incredibly exciting, influential, inventive and vibrant period for popular music in the 20th century. The 3,653 days belonging to the sixties are unforgettable and still lend a rich dimension to our lives today. It was the era where skirts kept getting shorter, hair kept getting longer and the youth of the day were liberated from the wartime hardship and the prim attitudes of the fifties.
The cars in the 60's were classic wheelers. However the first mini was released in 1959. In the first years of minis they would cost anything between £497 and £537.
Today we know it as McDonalds but in the sixties it was mostly know as Wimpy although there still are some Wimpy's today they are very rare.
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