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PAWS Virtual Summer Learning Academy

No description

Kristen Sironen

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of PAWS Virtual Summer Learning Academy

PAWS Virtual Summer Learning Academy
What is it?
Compass Odyssey is a computerized program funded by Horry County Schools
Personalized pathway for your child to raise his/her achievement level and extend his/her learning opportunities
Self-paced activities, with ongoing formative assessments allowing students to take ownership of their own learning

Why it works?
Tailor made for your child
For rising First and Second graders, when your child logs in for the first time, they are given a placement assessment and then the program differentiates the activities based on your child's needs
For rising Third - Fifth graders, your child's activities are differentiated based on their Spring MAP test results

What's Next...
Your child's teacher will be sending home packets of information including your child's login and password
Program will run for 10 weeks during the summer
Begin on June 9th and finish on August 15th
Your child must complete at least 30 activities, including 15 ELA and 15 Math with 70% scoring accuracy
If your child completes the 30 activity challenge (including 15 ELA and 15 Math) they will be invited to the Back to School Ice Cream Social!
If your child chooses to go above and beyond they may do so
Two top scoring children from each grade level will be chosen to go on a limo ride and have lunch with Mr. LaPier!
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